December 2020 archive

2020 – Year in Review

Whadda year. Documentary Interrupted It’s crazy to think we started it off filming #TheCCDoc across 17 countries and 28 cities across the world (Jan/Feb)…and yet…that’s much, much smaller news than what has happened since in 2020. That said, we have some excellent footage for #TheCCDoc (36 interviews!) and a new plan to wrap in the …

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CSF: Powering Milestone and $30,000 from Goal for Travel and Genetic Testing

We’ve reached a key milestone in having our study now being powered as the last step before submission to the IRB. We have $60,000 yet to raise, but we have an anonymous donor matching $30,000 — thus, we need only raise another $30,000 to meet our goal for travel and genetic testing. For more details …

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