Monthly Archive: June 2018

Jun 08

Cholesterol Code Workbook 1: The EAS Critical Response

The Cholesterol Code Workbook is a new regular video series Sioban Huggins and I are doing as we look at and discuss various studies and their findings. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to catch shows as they are released.   We jump into the very detailed paper that responds methodically to the EAS …

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Jun 05

The Big Deal About Lipoprotein(a)

A Mysterious Figure While studying the lipid system in depth, lipoprotein(a) (pronounced lipoprotein little a; also called Lp(a)) was a particle that repeatedly came up in the study material in passing, although at the time I had no idea what it was. It was never something I had seen mentioned in the mainstream information on …

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Jun 01

The #WaterOnlyChallenge is On

  For the last month, I’ve managed to drink only water. Now I’m going to take that challenge to the next level and commit to the entire summer. No sweetened drinks. No tea. No alcohol. No coffee (okay, I didn’t drink coffee anyway). Not even club soda orĀ Perrier. Just still water only. I’m doing this …

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