December 2017 archive

The Big Reveal is Tomorrow at Noon

Well, here we are. My doctor has the final labs in hand for my longest, most ambitious experiment yet. I’ve instructed him to not reveal it in any way — not even to hint at what it might say. Over the last few months, I’ve told many doctors and researchers of my planned experiment for …

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“We regret to inform you…”

Today is not a good day. I just got a call from the lab to let me know that one of the tests didn’t work out. As she opened with this statement, my mind immediately raced to the one test above all others that I cared about, “please don’t say the NMR, please don’t say …

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December Ninth, Twenty Fifteen

  On December 9th, exactly two years ago, I received a document that would change my life forever. It was an advanced cholesterol test known as an NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). I had only taken one before that, about two weeks earlier at the end of November. That first test had put me into a depression. …

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