Monthly Archive: April 2017

Apr 24

Discovery Progress, Break Nutrition Podcast, Justice for Noakes

The Discovery Update I know I’ve been extra coy for the last few days and generally off social media. Yes, I’ve come into new ground with my research and it’s required intense attention and planning for the last few days. As mentioned earlier, I suspect I’ll be able to do a first report on it in …

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Apr 22

A New Possibility

  PLEASE NOTE: I may have hit a major breakthrough with my research in the last 24 hours and will be less active on social media for few days — Dave Keto (@DaveKeto) April 21, 2017   Sorry to be so cryptic, but I’m in an unusual situation. I need to let everyone know I’ve had …

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Apr 20

The Fasting Disaster

[UPDATE 4-1-2019: This article still often comes up as though it is making a statement about fasting in some way — it is not. It is simply an experiment in fasting that that had dramatic results. And these results further emphasized the Inversion Pattern as well. My current opinion on fasting remains: if you can …

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Apr 10

Impact of Endurance Running on Cholesterol

(Huff) (huff) (huff)… “I’d better be right about this…” I thought. I was on the fifth mile of a seven mile training run, and was not love’n it. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I been following the training schedule, but I wasn’t. I was woefully undertrained. I was holding off endurance exercise as …

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Apr 08

Two Years Later…

As of today I will have been on a low carb, ketogenic diet for two years. If you had told me when I started that (A) my cholesterol would skyrocket, (B) I’d become obsessed with researching new patterns around it, and (C) I’d get the data from these patterns by intensive self-experimentation and frequent blood …

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