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  • If you know little to nothing about cholesterol->
    • And you want to learn the basics->
      • You can check out my Simple Guide to Cholesterol series. It’s full of illustrations and is written for laypeople. Enjoy!
      • Likewise, I have this video that goes over the basic markers for cholesterol while on a low carb diet. (Pictured to the right)
    • You can enter your cholesterol numbers into our popular Report tool to check them against many risk calculations at the same time.
  • If you have seen your cholesterol rise considerably on a low-carb high-fat diet (like myself):
    • You may want to first visit the FAQ.
    • I would strongly encourage you to read through this blog and my own journey revealing the Inversion Pattern. Key moments were the Identical Diet experiment and the Extreme Cholesterol Drop experiment that I wrapped around the first presentation of my data for the Ketogains Seminar.

Apr 07

This is Not a Drill…

Apr 05

Dr Drew Appearance & The Impasse

I enjoyed chatting it up with Dr Drew on his podcast with some added color via Vinnie Tortorich. (Be sure to listen to the end for some extra blue humor Vinnie!)

And this ultimately led to an interesting back-and-forth conversation I had with Dr Ethan Weiss, which led to my wanting to throw together a video on a key challenge in discussing cholesterol and risk.

Here I riff on this experience and why Lean Mass Hyper-responders (LMHR) may hold the key to everything.

Mar 29

Would YOU Join a Feldman Protocol in San Diego?

A Proposal

Ben Bikman, Doug Reynolds, and I are exploring an idea I’m calling Project Groundswell.

We’re considering an experiment that would be held at Low Carb USA in San Diego this July 25-28. We’d have many of those attending the conference participate in the Feldman Protocol for a study by Bikman and his team. And we’re incredibly fortunate that Doug and his conference will be sponsoring this project if enough people are interested.

Here’s the timeline and how it would work:

  1. Participants would register for the experiment through the Low Carb USA website.
  2. On Thursday morning, the 25th, they’d get an advanced blood test. This will likely include a lipid panel, insulin, glucagon, Lp(a), GGT, Ferritin, and many others.
  3. Participants will then consume excess calories while remaining on a low carb high fat diet for all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (See the protocol page for more on this)
  4. On Sunday morning, the 28th, participants will get a second blood test to capture lipids, insulin and glucagon.

And that’s the experiment in a nutshell. The data collected will be anonymized to the research team, but you’ll be able to retrieve your own bloodwork through a unique ID provided to you during the experiment.

Low Carb USA to Potentially Sponsor this Experiment

To our surprise, Doug is offering to have Low Carb USA pick up the tab on the bloodwork and phlebotomy for every participant. The only requirement is that this only applies for tickets sold for at least the current (non-Early Bird) price of $499. In other words:

  1. If you were to register today, whether for the Basic ($499) or VIP ticket ($724) — there would be no extra charge.
  2. If you already got better than today’s pricing, you’d need to make up the difference to reach at least $499.

So in short, everyone would get both a ticket to the conference, free advanced bloodwork, and a chance to join this experiment with Ben and I for the base cost of a ticket today. (Really gotta hand it to Doug for considering this.)

Are YOU In?

IMPORTANT — this is not official yet. We need to first gauge the REAL INTEREST out there for those who would be serious about joining this experiment were it offered. This is a trial balloon. So please respond only if YOU are serious and would commit to this if it were offered. Comment down below or use the hashtag, #InForGroundswell on social media. We’ll try to decide over the next week based on the response.

Mar 19

Dr Drew – Part Deux

As some of you know, I first talked with Dr Drew over the interwebs on his podcast, Swole Patrol.

This time I got to chat with him face to face at Corolla Digital.

Myself with Dr Drew following the recording
Hanging with Vinnie Tortorich before the show

I wanted to post a few things here that were referenced in the podcast. The first being the lipoprotein “boats” that traffic our fat-based energy and play a role in our immune response.

Here is the “Inversion Pattern” I was referencing:

Here are several examples of the Lean Mass Hyper-responders I was referring to earlier: (For more on LMHR, go here)

I’m not quite sure when the podcast will be released, but I’ll post it here on the site when it is.

Mar 03

What I’ve Learned Interview

I really enjoyed this interview with Joeseph of the What I’ve Learned Youtube channel. It has a whopping 850k subscribers and thus many, many new people will be exposed to this research to better understand cholesterol — especially as it relates to the low carb ketogenic diet.

We manage to get into the basics of the energy model and touch on risk as well. If you’re new here and you’d like to learn more, you might want to check out another video interview I had a couple months ago with DietDoctor.com. There’s also an excellent, illustrated Simple Guide to Cholesterol on Low Carb series.

And as always, feel free to plug in your own cholesterol numbers for our risk calculator and/or ask questions at our questions page. Or just comment down below.

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