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  • If you know little to nothing about cholesterol->
    • And you want to learn the basics->
      • You can check out my Simple Guide to Cholesterol series. It’s full of illustrations and is written for laypeople. Enjoy!
      • Likewise, I have this video that goes over the basic markers for cholesterol while on a low carb diet. (Pictured to the right)
    • You can enter your cholesterol numbers into our popular Report tool to check them against many risk calculations at the same time.
  • If you have seen your cholesterol rise considerably on a low-carb high-fat diet (like myself):
    • You may want to first visit the FAQ.
    • I would strongly encourage you to read through this blog and my own journey revealing the Inversion Pattern. Key moments were the Identical Diet experiment and the Extreme Cholesterol Drop experiment that I wrapped around the first presentation of my data for the Ketogains Seminar.

Aug 28

Welcoming Debbie to CholesterolCode!

As CholesterolCode continues to grow, our ability to handle all the comments coming in has been a concern, but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to answer the awesome questions you guys have either. Luckily, not too long ago, Low Carb San Diego happened…

Introducing Debbie

At Low Carb San Diego, I met Debbie – she used to be an engineer in silicon valley for 33 years, but is currently retired. She also happened to mention that she was interested in helping out Dave and I, and had the time to offer. She is passionate about learning as much as possible, and helping to get people accurate information so they can make informed decisions, and I felt that this attitude was a good fit, and her help might be a possible solution to our dilemma.

A Warm Welcome

If you haven’t guessed already, all of this is leading to introducing Debbie to the CholesterolCode readerbase! Debbie will be helping out by answering some of the comments that come in starting this week. I’ll still be replying to many of the comments that come in, as per usual, but don’t be surprised if you see Debbie around as well. This will hopefully mean, over time, even faster responses to comments especially during conferences as we continue to grow.

Aug 20

#CholesterolScience Show – With Ethan Weiss, MD

0:00 Intro and Ethan’s background

3:33 Cholesterol Skeptics and Concerned Medical Professionals – meeting in the middle.

8:20 How many patients does Ethan feel reach a decent level of knowledge about lipidology and cardiology?

10:15 Navigating the discussion on the benefits/risks of lipid changes from diet

17:15 When cholesterol is elevated for a metabolic reason alone – does it pose a greater risk?

23:00 Giving doctors the benefit of the doubt – are doctors just trying to help?

27:10 Dave’s disappointment with perceived lack of curiosity from the medicalsphere.

30:15 The difficulty in discussing possible benefits from lipoproteins and potential influence on all-cause mortality

36:50 Nuances of data collection and statin trials

Study mentioned: MRC/BHF Heart Protection Study of cholesterol lowering with simvastatin in 20 536 high-risk individuals: a randomised placebo controlled trial

Note from producer:
In the efficacy and safety statement for the trial mentioned it lists Merck Sharp & Dohme (manufacturers of simvastatin) as well as Hoffmann-La Roche (manufacturers of the vitamins used) as providing partial funding for the study:

The study is being funded by the UK Medical Research Council, the British Heart Foundation, Merck Sharp & Dohme (manufacturers of simvastatin[…]) and Hoffmann-La Roche (manufacturers of the vitamins[…])

doi: 10.1053/euhj.1998.1350

However in the published paper of the results it states the following:

The Clinical Trial Service Unit has a staff policy of not accepting honoraria or other payments from the pharmaceutical industry, except for the reimbursement of costs to participate in scientific meetings.

doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(02)09327-3

44:56 If there were a trial that showed that people with high HDL, high LDL, and low triglycerides didn’t benefit from statins would [Ethan] want to know that information?

Study mentioned: Influence of Low High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Elevated Triglyceride on Coronary Heart Disease Events and Response to Simvastatin Therapy in 4S

52:40 Open data, machine learning, and possibilities moving forward

56:20 Non-HDL and mortality from the NHANES dataset

Twitter exchange mentioned:

58:30 Changes in ability to connect with researchers and scientists

1:00:05 What does Dave mean by risk?

1:04:10 Modifications to low carb to achieve lower LDL

1:08:55 What Dave has learned about the importance of rigorousness in self-experimentation

1:13:29 Can self-experiments have benefits applicable to people beyond the person doing them?

1:17:29 Cholesterol biosynthesis

1:18:40 Reverse causality – is there a possibility that the lipoproteins are reflecting a problem and not causing it?

Note from producer: I attempted a follow-up to see if I could find any studies looking at the impact of infusion of native mouse lipoproteins on atherosclerosis development, but I have not found any thus far.

1:24:33 Clotting, vascular injury, and engineering

1:29:55 The impact of placebo

Podcast mentioned: The Hidden Brain: The Untapped Potential of Placebos to Heal (transcript available)

1:33:23 The impact of seeing lipids change – could this impact the results of the study?

1:35:56 If it were dose dependency would all drugs that lower LDL have a likewise decrease in cardiovascular disease mortality?

1:38:46 Drug trials – ideals, replication, and funding

1:42:35 Wrap up and outro

Ethan Weiss Contact:

Twitter: @ethanjweiss

Aug 19

#CholesterolScience Show – With Nathan Owens and Nick Andre

0:00 Introductions

1:30 The Innate immune system and the adaptive immune system – what’s the difference?

3:25 The innate immune system and bacteria

8:00 How does immunity relate to atherosclerosis?

13:34 A link between atherosclerosis and diabetes/autoimmune diseases?

16:35 Absorption in the gut, and intestinal permeability

22:10 Nick and Nathan’s hypothesis

24:30 Dave’s thoughts on the hypothesis – is there anything to support or contradict the hypothesis?

28:24 The nuance of atherosclerotic plaque progression

Book mentioned: Natural History of Coronary Atherosclerosis by Constantin Velican

31:16 Multiple initiators of atherosclerosis – do they all have the same root cause?

33:00 Does atherosclerosis progression and regression come down to gateway keeping?

35:00 High frequency testing to challenge the hypothesis – Dave’s proposal

36:45 Atherosclerosis as a post-prandial phenomenon and ‘binge-ury’

40:00 Proposed testing of the hypothesis and follow-up questions regarding intestinal permeability

43:20 Learning from high carb experiments and aftereffects

49:10 The impact of the microbiome, and issues with testing in humans

51:00 Devil’s advocate – what about LDL?

1:00:00 Drugs used to prevent heart disease, lipoproteins, and how they relate to the endotoxin hypothesis

1:03:39 The disconnect in research on lipoproteins and immunity

1:08:34 How drugs relate to the endotoxin theory (cont)

1:10:04 If the drugs impact disease progression and all-cause mortality – why not take them?

1:11:32 Lean Mass Hyper-responders – do Nick and Nathan feel caution is needed to lower their LDL?

Term used: For more information on Lean Mass Hyper-responders see the page on CholesterolCode.

1:13:53 The importance of a long-term follow-up study on Lean Mass Hyper-responders

1:19:05 Outro0

Nick/Nathan’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rootcausinghealth 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rootcausing

Website: https://rootcausinghealth.com/ 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR5qmqb8ydX8rmBRwEUXJHg

Aug 12

Blood Testing Drive in Low Carb Houston

We’re doing a #BloodTestingDrive at Low Carb Houston where people can have their labs taken right there at the conference. Appointments will span the mornings of Thursday and Friday, and as always, we recommend being 12-14 hours fasted before the blood draw.

Register at HoustonBloodDraw.com

Nadir and I discuss the blood testing on location, how it works, what tests are taken (listed below) and next steps:

All Tests:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), also known as a LipoProfile – includes both standard cholesterol markers and a subfraction analysis (such as lipoprotein counts “LDL-P” and “small LDL-P”)
  • C-Peptide
  • CBC With Differential/Platelet
  • Comp. Metabolic Panel (14)
  • Fatty Acids, Free (Nonester)
  • Ferritin, Serum
  • Glucagon
  • GGT
  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein
  • Insulin serum
  • Lipoprotein (a)

Aug 09

August Will Be Slow – In the Mean Time…

This month we have a lot going on that will limit our participation with the site.

  • I’m (hopefully) in the last stages of the book and looking to lock the manuscript soon. I told my publisher that I’d be very head down through August to make it happen.
  • Siobhan is off this week, and once returning will be helping us with the launch of a new project.

But never fear, we have some great material for you to check out in the mean time.

AdapNation Article

I just had an interview with AdapNation on lipids (likely to be released next week). But they had first came on to my radar a little earlier with this very extensive article they wrote on cholesterol. It’s actually very visual and layperson-friendly, so I thought I’d given them a shoutout.

Nathan Owens is on a Research Tear

As always, we’re interested in lipoproteins and their participation in the immune response (if you haven’t already read the amazing piece on this from Siobhan Huggins, do so right now!). I’ve been impressed with many new studies and ideas Nathan has been discussing lately with this topic on social media. Here’s one thread worth reading through:

Riveting Interview with Biochemist Patrick Theut on CAC

This question comes up a lot – can CAC be reversed? My answer has continued to be “I don’t know.” But perhaps the most incredible story I’ve seen to date comes from this episode of Ivor Cummins interviewing Patrick Theut on his own journey with this very question.

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