Jul 21

Welcome Craig to the Blog!


In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been pretty stretched thin these days. Lots and lots of growing pains. My presentations, appearances, and social presence are now having me find limits I didn’t even know I had — and this doesn’t even account for the experiments themselves. This is made even more difficult by the fact I need to likewise earn money on the side to pay for the bloodwork and bills.

Needless to say, I’m bad about asking for help. But to my relief, someone else has been pretty persistent about providing it. Craig is someone I’ve been in correspondence with for a while, and who I got to recently meet in person. We are definitely kindred spirits in both software development and gaming. Moreover, he is a hyper-responder as well with a keen interest in likewise learning all he can about the lipid system.

He’ll be helping me here on the site and with a number of things associated with the research and data. Moving forward, we’ll be ultimately forming a Cholesterol Code Working Group that will have even more team members eventually. As I say often, this thing is certainly a lot bigger than me, and without question, it is feeling that way more with each passing day.

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Thanks, Dave! Happy to help out.


thanks Craig


Looking forward to your N=1 contributions on the blog Craig! 🙂


Thanks! I’ll certainly have some of my own story to tell, but In the short term I’ll mostly be helping to get the existing data in a more usable form.

Cynthia M Sells
YEAH…Michael included one of your videos in this month’s blog on Protein Power….massive….have felt like a lone warrior on the cholesterol myth front for 15 years and usually study research finding in other countries since here the US. so many institutions have drunk Pfizer’s Kool-Aid. I would be delighted to help you out as this outreach continues…like you I am a consistent experimenter on myself first but you surpass me in every way. Having worked for 22 years in R&D at HP with a full complement of engineers as my primary customers…I laughed at the amazing precision in your approach…awesome.… Read more »
Bobbie Piety

Fascinating presentation and research! Question: What happens to one’s weight after a sustained LCHF diet? Cholesterol goes down– great– but if weight skyrockets, the low-cholesterol days are limited. Any comments?



Most people lose weight and have better-looking cholesterol numbers (lower LDL, higher HDL, lower TRIG) on a sustained LCHF diet. However, there are a small number of individual whose LDL goes up significantly, including myself. See http://cholesterolcode.com/are-you-a-lean-mass-hyper-responder


Terry Parks
For newcomers to your blog, could you explain how you get so many blood tests done in such a short time? My primary doctor does them once a year, which my insurance will cover. All these carefully timed tests have to be done by some other source. Do you just go onto yelp to find a blood lab to do the tests, or do you have an online source? I’d like to try to replicate your results, but I don’t really know how to start with the basic mechanics. Who does all these tests for you?

For getting blood tests, you basically have two options. 1) Going through your doctors and insurance, or 2) direct to consumer. Most labs will let you schedule a direct to consumer test, but need to lookup the tests you want online. The pricing for direct to consumer is different and sometimes cheaper (since they don’t need to deal with insurance.)

For example, here’s the metabolic panel from Labcorp.

I don’t know Dave’s specifics, but I believe he worked out some kind of volume discount with one of his local labs.


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