Jan 05

Very Happy with the Launch, Now Time to Recover

Wow! As of this writing, it has been barely 48 hours since I posted the Capstone Experiment video and it’s definitely making the rounds.

Alas, I have made many promises to my family that once I was done with this leviathan of an experiment I’d be doing some catch-up. So I’m giving a heads up that I’ll be a little less active on social media for the next several days.

P.S. I have the most amazing wife in the world to put up with all this madness!


  1. Ray Foley

    I’m on a whole food plant based diet and workout daily (swimming, yoga and general workouts). Do you have any tools to help lower blood pressure while on this diet. I am currently on 3 high blood pressure medications as well as Lipitor, and barely holding my own: meaning more meds are possible. Obviously I’d rather be going the other way: getting off the meds. I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks.

    1. Dave

      Hi Ray–

      The exercise you’re getting should be helpful in lowering your blood pressure and if you’re whole foods, plant-based, I’d assume you don’t have a lot of refined carbohydrates, right?

      Most vegans who reach out to me have lower LDL due to being high carb, low fat (my research gets to the heart of this being about energy transport). As such, I’d be surprised if your LDL likewise didn’t drop some amount given the composition of your food, so I’d likewise be surprised if they have you on Lipitor anyway. How long have you been plant-based and have you had a lipid test since starting?

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