Oct 28

The Game of Glucose Part II

A couple months ago I showed how wildly different glucometers could be from each other and how this compared to lab results themselves in The Game of Glucose. At that time I wasn’t frequently taking glucose measurements within minutes of the actual blood draw for my lipid experiments. Fortunately, with my eye on the prize, I managed to wrap this last experiment into just such an exercise.

This time I tested glucose on both the Precision Xtra and Keto Mojo minutes after each blood draw. In fact, I had a deal with the lab that I could actually jump into an empty phlebotomy bay right after the draw to do my “extra homework.”

Full Disclosure

Before I begin, let’s get some disclosure out of the way.

  1. Like PTS Diagnostics, KetoChow, and Keto and Co – Keto Mojo has provided product and/or service in support of my research. While I ordered the initial kit on my own, they sent additional strips without any request on my part. As always with every company, I make clear the product support does not guarantee my speaking favorably of the company.
  2. Jimmy Moore promotes this product, and I will be speaking at the Low Carb Cruise next year at his invitation.
  3. As always, I do not accept any direct financial support or personal compensation of any kind from any business entity. I have been approached several times at this point for affiliate programs or direct advertising with this site and have had to turn them all away. This is primarily to maintain the integrity of the research as much as possible. I accept only funding by individuals.

In the case of Keto Mojo, I want to further concede that I instantly liked the owner, Dorian, when I met him at Low Carb USA before my presentation. He seemed particularly attentive to the Low Carb community and was clearly tailoring his products to this demographic. I told him I’d test his glucose/keto meter alongside the Precision Xtra and that I was “rooting” for him.

However, data is king. I told Dorian this in person and repeated it later in a Facebook message. I couldn’t say for sure if I’d keep using this product until I could see how it compares to the actual lab tests.

The Big Showdown

The experiment that uses this data will be a much bigger, more involved post. But this one component of it I can share now and it’s quite interesting. Below are three of the blood draws and the glucometer readings right afterward.

For the fourth test, I decided to go all out. I actually did four tests from the Xtra, four from the Mojo. Each of these pairings were from different fingers (right-hand index, pinky, then left-hand index, middle finger).

Okay, so let’s get this into a table to compare:

To be sure, this is a pretty small sample size at just seven data points. But that said, it’s a pretty strong endorsement for glucose accuracy on the Mojo side of the fence. The Xtra did have a couple spots where it beat out the Mojo against the lab results, but the two tests where it was off by -9 and -10 were certainly not encouraging by comparison.

Again, I’ll happily concede I was pulling for the Mojo as I hoped it would have comparable or better readings than the Xtra. But data is data. If these columns were reversed, I’d feel compelled to keep sticking with the Xtra on glucose testing. Fortunately, the Mojo delivered.

What Isn’t Covered

While this article ultimately compared the Xtra and Mojo regarding glucose testing, it didn’t touch on the other main front of ketones. Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy way to test this with my existing blood draw labs given their ketone readings aren’t very precise (I often get a “high” reading instead of a number). However, while not shown, I’ve found the Xtra and Mojo are generally within 0.1 of each other on ketone testing (in fact, just this morning it was 0.9 and 0.8, respectively). So overall, this is probably an avenue I won’t be pursuing much.




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  1. Chris

    I was pulling for the KetoMojo because the strips are so much less expensive! =)

  2. Geoffrey Levens

    I have an Agamatrix Presto and did this same experiment. Did my own blood draw within a few seconds of the hospital lab phlebotomist. The Presto reading was 20 points higher!!!!! And still with the legal “range” for meters.

  3. pip wood

    I am in Australia and just beginning a series of tests of cheaper blood glucose meters on myself (diabetoc doing aip keto) and a superfit African friend (I have a scientific, part medical, data analysis background ) as I found wild variation. Even between fingers and teadings aplit seconds apart. We have a social enterprise project aimed at the 3rd world and are also not affiliated with any brands. I am so happy to find this site via a post on Mark Sisson’s keto site.

  4. Aarn Farmer

    Hello Dave,

    I would like to invite you to be a guest on my podcast “My Sugar Free Journey” to talk about how cholesterol tests may be “hackable”. I have listened to one of your podcast guesting and I thought it would be a great idea to have you as well.

    If you can, please schedule the best time that will work for you on this link: https://secure.scheduleonce.com/aarnfarmer
    Here is my website: http://mysugarfreejourney.com/story/

    If you have any other question, please reply to this email.

    I hope to hear from you!

    Aarn Farmer

  5. Dr. Michael Ruiz

    Looks good. I’ll consider the meter

  6. Theresa romero

    Looking forward to getting a meter.

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