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Resistance Training Experiment


I’ve been waiting a long time for this one. For almost three years I’ve gotten nearly no resistance training. Why? Because I’ve long suspected it will impact my lipid numbers. And sure enough, during my endurance running phases, I observed data that appeared to confirm this.

So all this time, through all these experiments, I kept thinking, “I just need to get through these next few… then I can finally do the Resistance Training Experiment.”

Alas, I kept finding new things that led to more things to experiment with. All my experiments with carb swapping/addition and the weight gain might have been confounded since the theory goes that this is predicated on glycogen stores… so I put it off through all of these phases as well.

Now the wait is over!

My Hypothesis

I hypothesize resistance training reduces LDL cholesterol due to higher endocytosis of LDL particles by non-hepatic tissues, this includes skeletal muscle for growth and repair.

Study Design

From August 27th to September 10th (16 days), I will have the following routine:

  • Meal Plan:
    • Around 10 AM: Nathan’s Uncured All-Beef Hotdogs, two ounces of Colby
    • Around 3 PM: Four hard boiled eggs, four ounces of Colby Jack cheese
    • Around 8 PM: Three hard boiled eggs, four ounces of Colby Jack cheese
  • Activity/Exercise:
    • I will be standing at my desk through working hours
    • I will be walking around 2.5 miles per day in the afternoon, generally between 3pm and 8pm
  • I will be traveling and doing errands outside the house as little as possible to control for confounders
  • Daily testing:
    • Morning glucose, BHB, weight, blood pressure readings
    • Around 10 AM glucose and lipid readings
    • Morning lipid readings from the day of the intervention (Sept 5th) until the end of the experiment (Sept 10th)
  • Blood draws:
    • Each blood draw will include Apolipoprotein A-1, Apolipoprotein B, C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac, CBC With Differential/Platelet, Comp. Metabolic Panel (14), Fatty Acids, Free (Nonester), Ferritin, Serum, Glucagon, IGF-1, Insulin and C-Peptide, Serum, Lipid Panel, Lp(a), Lp-PLA2 Activity, NMR LipoProfile, Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha
    • The first blood draw will take place on September 5th just before the intervention
    • The second blood draw will take place after one of two conditions, whichever comes first:
      • The morning lipid reading shows a drop of more than 10% for LDL cholesterol against run-up baseline (if on a Sunday, to be carried over to the following Monday) or
      • The last day of the experiment is reached


I will engage in a workout session with a Vibration Plate Power Plus. I will be working all upper body with the intent to become as sore as is reasonable without risk of injury. I will keep track of all time allotments and settings for data and potential reproducibility.

This will be performed:

  1. On Wednesday, September 5th at approximately 9 AM
  2. On Sunday, September 9th at approximately 9 AM

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Richard Stantiford

Awesome Dave! Good luck with Experiment!

Kim Minert

Go Dave! Waiting to hear what happens!

Michael Shparber

Supercool! Looking forward for the results!


When are you going to do resistance training in this study?

Siobhan Huggins

The intervention (resistance training) is listed as being on Wednesday (yesterday) and this upcoming Sunday. 🙂


I think the issue is that the “Vibration Plate Power Plus” doesn’t seem like resistance training, as least as how most people think of resistance training. For instance, I just got back from doing “Body by Science” type of what I consider to be “resistance training”, which is where I did a pyramid scheme for each exercise. For instance, for 45 degree leg presses, I pressed (that is, performed slow repetitions with) 5×45+1×25 plates per side until I couldn’t do any more, took the 25lb plate off each side, pressed until I couldn’t do any more, took off one 45lb plate per side, pressed until I couldn’t do any more, took off one more 45lb plate per side, and pressed until I couldn’t do any more. I transitioned as quickly as I could between these. That’s what I consider “resistance training”, and I’m not sure that the “Vibration Plate Power Plus” is the same as that.

Erin Macfarland

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, so hopefully I can explain why the Power Plate Dave is using is a much more effective resistance training modality than a Body by Science type workout. The Power Plate provides a high frequency vibration platform on which one performs excercises, like a push up, for example. The reasoning behind why a Power Plate will confer more benefits than doing a push up on a stable surface is that the vibrations induce activation of stabilizer muscles and fatigues them more effectively. When you compare this scenario to the heavy and infrequent lifting routine of a Body by Science workout, which only targets large, primary mover muscles, there is a significant difference in the metabolic demands of these modalities. Simply put, you get more bang for your buck when you use a Power Plate vs a machine to perform a similar exercise.


Would be interesting to see results with “Body by science” type workouts.

Michele Sundholm

Anxious to follow! Love my power plate and will be curious to see how you utilize yours in this experiment. Keep up the great work!


I live in Vegas + wonder if u have a low carb oriented Dr u work with to get CAC CIMT as can’t find any cash pay – no Rx needed.
Maybe a bit late, but if u want a trainer to push u thru a resistance oriented routine SAFELY such that u
WILL be sore, I have the guy + it’ll be my treat.


This awesome! Since you have so insanely many ideas for impacting lipids, I’m going to do a comparable study myself for comparison using EECP next time I engage in it, as I believe it may have an impact BEYOND what Resistance Training or HIIT can achieve. I didn’t consider it’s impact on lipids when I did it in March and April, so didn’t measure then. I’m also curious if you’ve thought about angiogenesis and whether it has any relation to cholesterol. Seems like more vessels, even microvessels might need more “boats”?


Would it work for LMHR + GSD 1a? Looking back at all my past lipid panel, it appears not to. I have also tweeted this comment not sure which is the best way to get this thru to you 🙂

Dr Mike Keen

I hope that you’ve got the statin merchants a shakin’ and a quakin’ as well!


Do either of you use an online site to order these tests? I’ve tried to find one that tests everything you list in this article but can’t see to find one. Any suggestions?


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