Sep 25

The Lipids – a Parody of The Simpsons Opening

’nuff said.

Sep 20

Siobhan Debuts on 2 Keto Dudes

Our very own Siobhan Huggins was on 2 Keto Dudes for a really fantastic talk. They got into Full Geek with a lot of in-depth discussion on immune response, modified LDL, and the receptors that love them! This should be required listening for anyone interested in the process behind lipids and their role in the larger process of atherosclerosis.

Lipid Dysregulation with Siobhan Huggins

Sep 18

Heads Up Health, Patron Content, Ferritin Drop

Heads Up Health

I met David Korsunsky last year and was instantly a fan of his product, Heads Up Health (HUH). His staff has been tenaciously aggregating all these different medical systems and lab result formats into a single repository that’s really easy to work with. Obviously, as a data fiend, I was immediately interested.

This weekend HUH released a guide that makes it easy to work through my protocol using their system and I’m definitely happy to highlight it. In fact, it’s one of the only ways I know that you could be both tracking your food (say, with MyFitnessPal), while also getting your blood labs (through, say, Quest Diagnostics) and have them all come together in the same place. This would also make it easier if you wished to share your data back to us here (which I hope you do, as always) as it will be in a standardized format, thus making Craig’s life easier.

Full disclosure: Like the keto shake companies, HUH offers support for my research in the form of products and service, but in no way do I have any financial interest or relationship of any kind. I’m funded by individuals like you via Patreon or direct donation only.

Patreon Progress

I find it laughable that I was so reluctant to start the Patreon page before now. Mainly, I didn’t want any of my research to be pay-to-see, so I kept putting it off. But I got a lot of good advice from others on simply having patrons have access to the behind-the-scenes and a lot of my casual process. A lot of it is rough and incomplete. At times just stream of thoughts like the Vlog.

Yet this is what makes it work so well. Patrons are kind of like the crew that’s on the set of the movies before they come out.

Moreover, I’m finding some other content to slip in — like my Davehead pizza making. 🙂

Ferritin Drop

I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve had “mysteriously high Ferritin” in the 550s. Indeed, I’ve ran the gambit checking iron levels, oxidative stress, etc. to no avail — everything appears normal. But in my most recent labs, my Ferritin dropped to a 303 ng/ml (ref range 30-400).

Why? I have no idea.

But if my coming labs have me back in the 550s again, you can be sure I’ll be doing a forensic deep dive on everything I ate and did in the days leading up to that original 303 test.

Sep 15

Wow! Thank you for your support!!!

It’s barely been 72 hours since launching my Patreon account and inviting support. Honestly, the response has been very humbling. This was in spite of spending 1/3rd of my video ensuring the most important research and education content will always be available here for free — and that I’d rather people save their money if it has any significant financial impact. (Which might make it the worst Patreon pitch video evah!)

Don’t get me wrong, I have found a number of fun ways to give exclusive content to patrons such as my Davehead pizza cooking video, current experiment vlogging, and preview content to my blog posts here. So in a sense, you’re getting a good peek behind the curtain, or the “sausage making” as it were. Moreover, I feel like I can poll my patrons on my choices for upcoming experiments — after all, they’re helping to make it possible. But again, all finished material related to this research, videos, and presentations I mean to keep available here for free, forever.

Sep 12

A Call For Support

Hello Everyone–

I have a confession to make… I’m really bad about asking for help.

I’ll soon be hitting two years since this entire thing began, and I’ve financed it almost entirely from my savings. Make no mistake, I never thought of this as a money-making venture – I already had a lifetime of those as an entrepreneur in software development. And frankly, there’s much more money putting people onto a product or medication than taking them off.

Rather, it was this series of discoveries that drove me forward. Were I not finding these patterns in the data, I’d have long abandoned this work. And were it not for the many like myself who felt shell shocked on getting their cholesterol numbers, I wouldn’t have felt so compelled to write and illustrate the Simple Series to educate and relieve some of the fear.

In short, I found discovering the science and helping people to be worth every hour and penny spent!

But alas, I was eventually going to need help, which is where I’m at now. I don’t just create content, I also run experiments where strips, tubes, and labs can all add up. And while placing the “Donate” button has helped without my promoting of it directly, I know now that I need to be more proactive about reaching out to the community.

So if you feel this work has helped you and others, please consider visiting my Patreon and joining. There will be a lot of exclusives patrons get, such as previews and behind the scenes Vlogs on my experiments as they happen. And if successful enough, there will be new places I can take this, such as producing a full motion cartoon of the Simple Series comic.

Mainly, I hope – like me – you’ll be motivated by what we can bring to the community with this work. Thank you for your consideration!


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