Jun 05

My First Study


While I’m in the process of refilling the coffers and am pretty limited on time, I am starting to lay some groundwork for my first study. It is my hope I can conduct it in the fall of this year, but that’s still to be determined.

The study will need 12-20 volunteers who will be eating to a meal plan throughout 14 days while likewise taking many blood draws for cholesterol testing throughout. Moreover, they will be sequestered to a large house in Las Vegas that will serve as the staging area, where we will record all key activities associated with the experiment. (The large house has been volunteered by a friend for the use of this experiment)

One-half of the participants must be already on a ketogenic diet and will eat to a ketogenic meal plan. The other half must have already been on a carb-centric diet and will be eating to a carb-centric meal plan.

The participants can make phone calls, work from computers, watch TV, play video games, etc. as they wish during this period. But food intake and blood draws will be taken on a prescribed schedule. While not scheduled, proper sleep patterns will likewise be expected. Unfortunately, working out or other forms of intensive exercise will be prohibited during the experiment period as they will likely impact the lipid data.

There is also a likelihood this will be captured by a camera crew for a documentary (more on that later).

If you’ve followed the work I do with myself and others, you know I’m extremely motivated to be as precise and transparent as possible. I expect the data from this experiment to by highly scrutinized given what it will be showing and thus, I’m very serious about keeping it well controlled.

My plan is to first secure a group of motivated volunteers before preparing a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the experiment. Requirements for volunteers:

  • As stated above, must be comfortable with 14-day sequestration, eating to meal plan times/quantities, and having several blood draws over the course of the experiment
  • Cannot be on any medications
  • No recent significant illness or injury
  • For Keto diet volunteers, you must have been on diet for 12 months or more

If you’re interested, feel free to comment as such below and I’ll add your name to the Interest List.

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Matt Remine
Hi Dave, I might be able to help, although I don’t quite fit the criteria. I’m 47/M/5’5″/135, zerocarb beef/eggs/fish only for four months. That’s the hang up, not 12 months of keto. I’m a hyperresponder who had my first lipid panel a month ago, and you and I had an exchange on Reddit regarding my numbers. 471C had me scared, and you helped a lot. You are welcome to keep me as an open alternative should you find I can be of use. Thank you for all that you are doing. Warmly, Matt Remine

As a medical student, I can’t realistically spend 14 days in Las Vegas, but I would be happy to help in other ways if possible.

Anne Mullens

Hi Dave, I am a writer now working with Diet Doctor, in Victoria BC Canada. Female 59 years old. My post today June 19 on Diet Doctor tells about my journey. The fact I could work and write for the site makes me interested, if you are taking women. I think your work is exceptional. I have been LCHF since November 2015, usually in ketosis by ketostix but I am not measuring it much these days. I just stick to LCHF and feel great all the time.