Aug 08

Low Carb USA 2017

This last weekend I gave a presentation at Low Carb USA in San Diego. I was invited to speak by the lovely folks of ApoE4.info and was excited to have a full hour to provide more explanation and depth to both the lipid system and my research. In fact, this may be my personal favorite presentation yet. Given it was early in the conference on a Thursday, I assumed it would be a mostly empty room, but to my surprise, it packed out to standing room only.

I certainly have to express my sincerest appreciation to the ApoE4 group as they were extremely organized and accommodating. As a group, they were both gracious and wickedly smart, and I thoroughly enjoyed our many chats throughout the weekend.

The rest of the conference I was networking with many people regarding my research and picking up many tidbits on others’. I was able to catch about 2/3rds of the presentations. But I wished I could have caught more.

I was extremely thrilled to run into Sara Hallberg. We got to chat briefly about Virta and how the study was going and touched on hyper-responders, exchanging a few insider notes between us. There is a key piece of information I found out about which will apply to my research directly but won’t be public until their paper comes out — which should be pretty soon. When it does, I’ll share what that is and how it applies to my work. Her presentation was one of the best of the conference and had an enormous impact. Once available online, I highly recommend it.

The presentation I most enjoyed by far was from Dr. Dwight Lundell, “ED, no not that ED!” The ED stood for Endothelial Dysfunction and it was something I found to be of critical importance with atherosclerosis early on in my education on lipids. The endothelium is, after all, the scene of the crime. In fact, I consider it the most overlooked factor with regard treatment as it is inconvenient to the larger Lipid Hypothesis altogether. Dr. Lundell found this out for himself when he began asking tough questions on it after his retirement.


I was also fortunate to share many meals with some of my favorite people in the LCHF movement as well. Ironically, this was one major conference I was planning to pass on, and now I’d consider it one of the best experiences I’ve had yet.

A Quick Note to Commenters…

I hope to have more bandwidth to catch up on comments toward the end of this week. I’ve certainly been feeling my limits these days, but I’m fortunate to have Craig helping out and providing a lot of feedback regarding the research on this site.


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  1. Julie Gregory

    Great to spend time with you, Dave! Thanks for making the effort to meet with the ApoE4.Info group. Your talk was a highlight for many of us. We can’t wait to make the video link of your talk available on the site. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

    1. Dave

      Likewise, Julie!

      I can definitely say that was one of my favorite presentations given how much I was able to cover. In particular, I was happy to *ease* the audience into lipoproteins and why the “ride sharing” is the key to understanding cholesterol when powered by fat. 🙂

  2. Julie Martinez

    Hi Dave, I’ve followed your work via 2KetoDudes for a while now. I’d love to hear your take on LDL-C and APOE-4 people… I’m a bacon-loving ketoer and IFer, and just found out I’m 3/4. I have heard Steve Gundry saying to avoid animal fats at all costs and keep LDL-C low if you’re an APOE-4.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Dave

      Hopefully, the ApoE4 folks will have my presentation at LC USA up soon (the one mentioned in the comment above) as I address this in detail.

      But a good place to start right now is here: http://cholesterolcode.com/a-simple-guide-to-cholesterol-on-low-carb/

      1. Julie Martinez

        Wow, your cartoon explanation is awesome! Thanks so much — and looking forward to tracking down your ApoE4 talk.

        1. Dave

          Actually, that just went up a few days ago: http://cholesterolcode.com/low-carb-usa-2017-presentation-video/

  3. Lauren

    Hey Dave! Great to meet you, we met the last day after the panel discussion and cleared out the main conference room. If you are ever in need of participants for research studies I would be a willing participant 🙂


    1. Dave

      Hi Lauren!

      Yes, I may be taking you up on that soon. Keep an eye out here for upcoming announcements. 🙂

  4. Anthony Jay

    Hi Dave – Amazing and astute observations! Send me an email so we can set up that interview I mentioned on Twitter

    1. Dave

      Will do.

  5. JOE

    Hi dave my name is joe….my gp advised me to work on gettin my cholesterol down (ldl=163, hdl=50, total=239..would your protocol work adn which one do you suggest to get my ldl down before i retake my labs…thank you

    1. Dave

      Hi Joe–

      I have a full page on that protocol here: http://cholesterolcode.com/extreme-cholesterol-drop-experiment/

      However, I should emphasize it isn’t a “diet plan” per se. Rather, it shows how dynamic the lipid system is and there are some who just do it for the sake of satisfying their doctor.

  6. Gela

    You were quite the rock star at LowCarb USA. You always had people hanging around you. Your discovery has generated a lot of interest. The more your message gets around the sooner this cholesterol myth will be GONE. Keep it up!

    1. Dave

      Thanks, Gela! Certainly, I’m highly motivated to get this research to the next level.

      At a minimum, I just want everyone taking a cholesterol test (pro-low carb or not) to know just how dynamic the lipid system is. Given all I know now, making a lifelong decision on statin drugs from a single test is just unbelievable.

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  1. Low Carb USA 2017 – Presentation Video » Cholesterol Code

    […] Here’s the video of my presentation at Low Carb USA. I’ve already posted on the ApoE4 group that sponsored it and the many amazing events surrounding the conference. […]

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