May 30

Low Carb Cruise 2018 Recap, Weight Gain Data Dump, and the Coming LMHR Speech

[Special note: By now you should’ve listened to Siobhan Huggins debut on Dr Bret Scher’s podcast where she covers a lot of the powerful immunological research regarding cholesterol and LDLs in particular. Where I put lots of focus on the energy model, she puts effort into the research on the “support” side, as I call it. So if you haven’t listened, stop reading this and queue it up — chop, chop!]

The Low Carb Cruise 2018

The trip was definitely a big success with a much networking and information sharing. I was happy with the presentation overall and appreciated that many who approached me afterward appeared to get the bigger fundamentals of what I was looking to communicate.

A lot of fantastic people were on this cruise, including Drs Jonny Bowden, Ted Naiman, Ken Berry, Ann Childers, Andreas Eenfeldt, and Eric Westman.

I have many pictured below including my good friend, Amy Berger.

Weight Gain Data Dump

I have a massive treasure trove of data that I’m getting together from the Weight Gain Experiment. In fact, it’s much more than I have time to analyze right now as I prepare for the next presentation (see below) and the series of experiments immediately following regarding resistance training.

Never fear — I plan to “open source” the data to all of you.

While I intend to do a short video on the key points I made in my presentation last week, I’m excited to read what others may find in the data and gather their analysis as well. Moreover, I’ll likely put up the most interesting and insightful comments into a blog post all its own.

The Coming Speech on Lean Mass Hyper-responders

Needless to say, this has been a long time coming. I’ll be doing a presentation on LMHRs, my opinion on their risks, and how I think they may be (unknowingly) changing the world.

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DrBob Brown

When is your LMHR talk…I am one

Siobhan Huggins

Hi – Dave’s talk on Lean Mass Hyper Responders will be at Ketocon, which is in Texas in June this year. We’re working on making it available in some capacity after the fact, as well, but for sure we’ll keep you all updated on it.

OK… I have watched several of your videos on YouTube… And you said that 100% of the time when you looked at a person’s numbers you coukd tell if they were a lean mass hyper responder… So let me tell you my numbers… total cholesterol 328 HDL 80 triglycerides 52 LDL calculated 238… trust me when I tell you… That I am not a lean mass person… I’m 61 years old, female, five foot two, currently 137 lb… I was 147 when this lab work was done… I think your research on cholesterol is totally fascinating… And I wondered if… Read more »
When do we see your weight gain experiment cholesterol results? I’m particularly interested in the LDL and Apo(b). Before I started Keto and was on SAD: 200 total cholesterol (62 was HDL, but didn’t have Trig or LDL on that test) After 2-3 months of Keto I’ve lost 15 pounds (I’m 38, now 173 pounds at 5’10”), feel great, and decided to get a full on cholesterol test which really alarmed me until i found your research about LMHR: total cholesterol 355 HDL 90 Trig 35 LDL 254 ApoB 169 mg/dL While I feel comfortable with above now, the problem… Read more »
Siobhan Huggins
Hi! Sorry for the late reply on this… We’re working on getting all the data together, still, but there will be a post when the data goes public. You definitely do look like a Lean Mass Hyper-responder, so may be interested in the talk Dave gave at KetoCon last month As for a doctor in your area, you may be able to reach out to Dr Bret Scher, a cardiologist based out of California. He goes by @bschermd on twitter, so you may be able to ping him there and ask if he’s taking patients. Otherwise there’s also Ken Berry,… Read more »