Jun 22

Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment – Sign Up

I’m pleased to announce there is a study being organized around Ketofest! We’re partnering with PTS Diagnostics, who is graciously providing the supplies and service to support this study.

Volunteers for the study will be following the Cholesterol Drop Protocol (“Feldman Protocol”) and will get free cholesterol blood tests and results.

To qualify, all volunteers must meet these requirements:

  • Have been on a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet for at least three months prior to Ketofest.
  • Be present on the morning of Friday the 14th and morning of Monday the 17th.

Schedule and instructions


  1. Low-Calorie Phase
    • You must be either fasting or eating low calorie (but still LCHF) for a three-day span on July 11th, 12th, and 13th — the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before Ketofest. (see timeline).
  2. Fast before 1st blood test
    • You must fast for 12-14 hours between the last meal on the evening of the 13th and the following morning blood test on the 14th.
  3. High-Calorie Phase
    • You must eat very high calories (but still LCHF) for the following three-day span on July 14th, 15th, and 16th — the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Ketofest. (see timeline).
  4. Fast before 2nd blood test
    • You must fast for 12-14 hours between the last meal on the evening of the 16th and the following morning blood test on the 17th.

Interest List

If interested in participating, please fill out the entry form below:


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  1. Sherry Gay

    What about at KetoCon in Austin Sept 1-3?

    1. Dave

      I’m not planning to go there at this time. But I can’t say for sure, given how many things are currently being determined. I’m already scheduled for three different conferences coming up, so it would be a stretch to add one more.

      1. Sandra

        Hi Dave, I’m curious to know which conferences you will be attending coming up in the near future? I will be at Ketofest but I have not been LCHF for 3 months prior. Thanks.

        1. Dave

          I’m also speaking at Low Carb USA in San Diego. There are 1-2 more engagements I may be coming to, but they are still being determined.

          1. Sandra

            Thanks Dave.

  2. scot

    hello, I have been a client of dr.jason fung and megan ramos, in their long distance program since november 2016. plus i have been intermittent fasting for another year and a bit. and on whole grass fed organic living since another year and a bit.

    As a citizen scientist speciallizing in quantum mechanics, i am conducting an experiment of one year on keto/fast for one year, without no extra workouts, gym work, etc…except the daily biking in holland. no more than 30mins. per day, to prove to myself that indeed my life time huskiness is indeed hormonal,,, hyperinsulinemia. I also volunteer for the first FMT’s in the Netherlands for the metabolic condtion, nash. And it worked! i lost 10% of liver fast just from receiving fresh mircobiota.

    I have been so changed by all of this, that i started a ketogenic/fasting counseling business this past march 2017, GutBusters-IDM bv. in the Netherlands,

    I am in love your plans!

    Groetjes…and bedankt.


  3. Jennifer

    When will you be sending out the email with more instructions?

    1. Dave

      Tomorrow morning. I wanted to do it on the one week mark so it remains fresh in everyone’s head, yet provides enough time to plan.

      1. Jennifer

        Thank you! That’s exactly why I was asking…to make sure I plan ahead and can eat all those calories 🙂

  1. Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment – Preliminary Results » Cholesterol Code

    […] While there is still more analysis to collect and unpack, here are the preliminary results from the Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment. […]

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