Sep 11

Ketofest 2017 Presentation

This has turned out to be one of my favorites thus far. Just two quick notes:

  • I was karate chopping throughout as a way to visually have them advance slides as the clicker wasn’t working well that day.
  • If you’re already familiar with the boilerplate beginning that I usually have, you can skip ahead to where I present some of the newer data I haven’t covered as much in other presentations.

Of course, the preliminary results of the Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment are now posted.

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Good good good!

James Bond

You’re drawing too much blood which may skew some of the results, and give you anemia in the long run ๐Ÿ˜›

Excellent video, Dave! I recently had my cholesterol panel done and nearly passed out when I got my results. My total C was 444, LDL was 332, HDL 98, trigs 38. My doc wants to send me to a cardiologist but I want to hold off. I’m going back in about 4 weeks for another draw. The thought is to drastically reduce saturated fats, with a strong focus on MUFAs and I think I’m going to use your protocol prior to testing. I used nearly all saturated fats prior so I’ll see what this round provides. What other details do… Read more »
Gotcha. It would be worthwhile then to get the additional testing to discern the LDL in terms of particle size and count. I’d prefer not to incorporate any additional carbs if it’s not absolutely dire. Given that it only takes 3 days to make changes to your panel, I suppose it would be fine then to continue eating as I had been until prior to my next blood draw. I believe that would also yield the most accurate and current information as to how my body is processing the foods I’m choosing to eat. The work you’ve done is fascinating… Read more »

Loz . i almost had a heart attack going through your numbers. good luck and please keep us posted with your new results. would it be too much to ask you to notify me once you post your results.



Not a problem Saleem. As someone who works in the medical industry, I’m sure you can imagine how I must have felt! What I will note is that the more I educate myself on the topic, the more I feel calm about it. Being a hyper responder is certainly not a comforting thing…but I am beginning to come to the conclusion that it’s not a dangerous thing.