Issues With Current Studies

(NOTE: This page is currently incomplete and a work in progress, but the list below is what I’ll be breaking out soon to show why I’m currently unconvinced of lowering cholesterol for myself at this time.)

My Problems with Cholesterol Studies / Data Acquisition

  1. Study Accuracy / Data Collection
    1. Current opinion on cholesterol has a self-reinforcing feedback loop [Example #1]
    2. Cumulative risk curve doesn’t match endpoint stratification
    3. Studies taking prior treatment as same as no treatment, which is a very confounding omission
    4. Issues of accuracy for self-reported diet studies
  2. Counter Theory Control
    1. No controlling for Endothelial Injury against Diet-Heart Hypothesis
    2. LDLr activity from Endothelial Injury shows specific pathogenesis
  3. Statin Studies
    1. Statin data used as specific to LDL lowering only, but regularly disregards other statin influences
    2. Statin Studies not matching up with larger macro study outcomes
  4. Familial Hypercholesterolemia
    1. FH presumed LDL saturation without consideration of Endothelial health/dysfunction
    2. FH statin improvement lacking when relative to other LDL lowering methods/medicines like niacin
  5. Counter Studies / Data
    1. Women all cause mortality pretty likely improved with higher cholesterol on virtually every recent large scale study
    2. Hospital admittance study (as others) has advantage in being non-discriminatory relative to smaller, statin-funded studies