Jun 21

Interview on Biohackers Lab

I’ve been a bit busy lately, but not so busy I couldn’t take a little time to chat it up with Gary at Biohackers Lab.

We covered a wide range and I enjoyed getting in a bit deeper to the core concepts and why I have so many doubts about the lipid hypothesis as it stands.

And without question, Gary has the most comprehensive show notes I’ve seen for any podcast I’ve been on. Really impressive work!

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Great great interview. I had to hit the rewind many times. Thanks for keeping simple for many of us.

Oh dear! I watched and listened to this again and again! I will watch and listen to it again and again! So, I made an appointment to have blood tests on Monday and I started to eat more fat! Around 6 months ago, I had tests and my cholesterol was sky high!. On that time I was about 20 hours fast and before that (Can’t quite remember but i think about 2 days)I had 48 hours water fast. I was not overweight and was quiet active. (Fasting for controlling T2D, specially morning ones) it is time to rethink about fasting… Read more »
Loved the podcast. I have been following your research since I saw the Breckenridge interview. I am also a hyper-responder. I went from 215 lbs to 180 lbs in 6 months on LCHF. Before my last physical (also before I came across your research), I fasted for 3 days and ate the day before my last physical. My results were: TC: 456 LDL-C: 377 HDL-C: 52 TRIG: 148 NON-HDL-C: 404 ApoB: 271 LDL-P: >3500 sdLDL-C: 94 %sdLDL-C: 25 VLDL-C: 27 LP(a): <15 ApoA-I: 137.5 My production and absorption markers were OPTIMAL. My physician, who is listed as a LCHF doctor,… Read more »
After posting my results here, I concerned about my previous scores, as they are high too. (I will even try get more previous ones but I am pretty sure they were not high). While I was thinking about that time, july 2016 I remembered that I started low carb diet and fasting at the same time which is 15/7/2016.(on this time some events happened) just remembered I was fast for 24 hours for 3 days(15/16/17 July). I was just having dinner for 3 days and eating low carb. As I was expecting they will go down I remembered saying to… Read more »