Jul 09

I’m Booked to Appear on Peter Attia’s New Podcast

No, that’s not a misprint. I’ll be joining Attia in a couple weeks at his offices in San Diego to record an episode that I’m sure will have a lot of people talking.

This has actually been determined for a while, but I was planning to keep it on the down low until closer to the appearance. Naturally, the podcast with Peter and Ron Krauss got a lot of people both requesting I respond and pressing for Peter to have me on the podcast.

So for the record, when I sent out this tweet:

Note the booking and this tweet were up before the Krauss interview got posted. No need to ping Peter anymore — he was ahead of you all along!

Without question, I’m extremely excited to chat with him about the Lipid Energy Model and it’s relevance to lipoprotein and cholesterol homeostasis. I’m confident it will be unlike any podcast I’ve been on before and I’ll apologize in advance for what may be a lipid geekfest.


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Dave, I’m glad to hear that you will enter the lion’s den with Peter. I have listened to and read yours and Peter’s work for quite a long time. To the extent that I have to check my confirmation bias when it comes to LCHF, I find that absorbing information from intelligent sources like you and Peter and others on both sides of the discussion is greatly beneficial.

Your differences with Peter represent the cutting edge, or the outer edge, of our lipid knowledge and beliefs so it will be with great anticipation that we wait for the podcast. Thanks for all of your work!


I stopped following Peter Attia some time ago, when he was freaking out about someone’s LDL-P level that had gone up (ostensibly) because of diet, and had that person revise their (keto) diet to (ostensibly) lower their LDL-P level. Considering at the time there was no evidence for this, just some correlations that indicated LDL-P might be “bad”, I gave up on him. (That is: if the person lowered their LDL-P via diet, would that be “good” and not “bad”? It’s unclear; I don’t think the evidence exists to this day.) This was way before Dave started his exploration.

I may or may not check this out, though I’m glad you’re going on his show.

Tom M

I had just told my ladyfriend that I would really like to hear you talk with Dr. Attia! Really glad you’re doing this…..two of the folks I admire the most in this arena! “The Drive” is one of my favorite podcasts too so will be great to hear you wax philosophical with him. Peter is the first to discuss “what do you believe today that you didn’t believe 5 years ago”……couldn’t agree more. We don’t know what we don’t know.


Can’t wait to hear this podcast episode! This is going to be awesome! I’ve only listened to a few episodes of The Drive at this point, but they have not disappointed. I really appreciate the work both of you do and your willingness to share your thoughts and research.


FINALLY!!! I will be waiting! I hope you can ask him questions too. Thank you for all the work you do.

Kelly Tague

I’m so excited for this!! You are obviously both very thoughtful individuals and very knowledgeable on the subject, but you come at it from different backgrounds, education and personal biases (we all have them). I am so glad you are doing this!


[…] As mentioned earlier, I guested on Attia’s podcast. It was a pleasure to meet Peter and his staff and we got to chat briefly before and after the podcast. […]


I hope that you specifically address lipidology in the setting of very low carb. He had Dr. Krauss on there but there wasn’t a whole lot mentioned on lipids in pts eating keto or low carb/high fat.