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How To Do The Cholesterol Drop, Step by Step

After several have approached me both on and offline about it, I’ve decided to make a page that lays out my experiment and how you can do it to.

Extreme Cholesterol Drop Experiment

And once again, PLEASE keep close track of your data and share your results, whatever they are. The more people who do this, the more data we have.


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Ferro Silvio

1) I’m going for the 10,5 day test. But after the filled with “social events” end of this year. Results coming mid or end of January 2017…
2) I can’t find an NMR cholesterol test in Belgium (the country). I found Belgium,WI as an existing city :). Do you have any knowledge of a lab in Belgium doing these?
3) Unable to send private twitter messages, did you block that on purpose or am I doing something wrong?

Hyper-Responder Bill
Dave, How important is it to do the whole 3 days of high fat/high calorie intake before the blood test? I attempted this test but could only stomach the first 2 days of the high fat/high caloric diet & the results were not an ‘improvement’ test result-wise. Is one normal diet day & a 14 hr fast the next day before the test enough to turn that LDL-C & LDL-P completely around? I expected a sizable reduction in LDL since I did 2 of 3 days (like 2/3 of a reduction in LDL). btw for almost 3 yrs now, my… Read more »
Hyper-Responder Nev
Hi Dave, Let me first mention that this is such amazing work. I’m in the same boat where my LDL-C (upto 700) + LDL-P (>3500) shot up on a keto-genic diet (despite feeling and functioning great). I tried lot of things like a.) adding probiotics, b.) adding upto 50-80gms carbs, c.) and off and on tried statin + ezitembe too. Only thing that worked were medications. I just had a few questions/observations on your work/experiments 1. You did manage to drop your LDL ingesting high amounts of fat but obviously most days your fat intake will be lower. This means,… Read more »
Dave – I am interested in trying out this experiment on myself, and was wondering if you could give an example menu of what you ate on your High Days. I currently eat following macros I calculated on Ketogains (protein at 165g +/- 20g, NET carbs less than 25g, and fat g to ensure satiety…….about 90g/day). I am 6′ tall and weigh 178lbs (pretty consistent at that weight for last 4 weeks or so). When I look at your fat consumption on High Days I am blown away, and feel like I would struggle mightily to own that many calories.… Read more »
I just finished watching your interview with Luis on Ketogains. I found it encouraging for my own situation. Since April 2016 I have lost 69 pounds following Ketogains macros and have reached my goal weight of 145 pounds. (Female 5’4”, 55 years-old). Feeling energized, fit and fantastic I visited my family doctor for an annual checkup. Everything looked great: good BMI, BP 122/77. Most of my bloodwork was also good: A1C 5.3, HDL 52, TG 96. And then the dreaded high LDL of 247. Predictably, my doctor was alarmed and suggested familial hypercholesterolemia (it seems unlikely as I have no… Read more »


extreme boobs

I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!



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