Apr 24

Discovery Progress, Break Nutrition Podcast, Justice for Noakes

The Discovery Update

I know I’ve been extra coy for the last few days and generally off social media. Yes, I’ve come into new ground with my research and it’s required intense attention and planning for the last few days. As mentioned earlier, I suspect I’ll be able to do a first report on it in about one to two weeks. But in the mean time, I will be a lot less active on the interwebs than usual. The best two places to reach me are here in the comments and on twitter (@DaveKeto).

Breaking it Down with Break Nutrition

I had a great time chatting it up with Raphi Sirt on the Break Nutrition podcast. We covered extreme N=1, the cholesterol / lipid system and my recent fasting experiment.

These guys at Break Nutrition have more good content about high-fat diets such as low carb and ketogenic diets. They tell you how to kick-start your ketogenic diet, how to measure your level of ketosis and what the benefits of ketogenic diets are on inflammation.

I’ve actually been following Raphi’s twitter account for a long time. His story is similar to mine where he found a sudden course correction into biochemistry and ramping up his education on the subject. He is likewise very interested in some of the deeper meanings to the metabolic engine and has a keen eye on his own metabolic data.

Justice is Served!

Professor Tim Noakes is found innocent of misconduct by a 4-1 decision of the Health Professions Counsel of South Africa (HPCSA). This was a large victory on multiple fronts. Obviously making an entire case on a tweet is already problematic given the hard limitations of the medium. Moreover, assigning doctor-patient relationships via public social media contact is likewise as silly as it reads.

Most of all, “the Prof” got to take evidence of the low carb high fat diet to court and weigh it directly in the light of day. I can’t imagine the hardship this has put Tim and his family through. But for as hard as this closing chapter has been for his family and his team, the next one will be much brighter for everyone else from their dedication to this case.

A sincere thank you from my family to yours.

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I listened to that conversation with Raphi – and now I need to listen again. There’s a whole lotta info in there. Thanks to you both!!

Kevin Mattson
Thanks for your excellent work. I will make a donation. Three questions. Has no one before noticed the lipid inversion effect, or, have you seen or heard of other studies that inadvertently show the effect? Seems incredible that this has not been observed. Have you considered how your collected data might inform the results of fasted blood tests of all kinds? I will soon have a standard lipid profile done soon. And I have been carefully LCHFing for a several weeks. I won’t be able to afford multiple blood panels, but might a few days of calorie restriction prior to… Read more »
I came across this website a few months ago and didn’t think much of it, sorry. Came back out of curiosity again a few days ago and felt compelled to post. Because I would simply like to urge all readers to beware of wannabee researchers, especially when the research is n=1. the web is littered with them, and I am one of them although I do not share, precisely because there is enough publication medical or not to explain exactly what is going on. The so-called inversion theory is nothing new and documented as being down to the exceptional ability… Read more »
Alex Weber
Thanks for all of your hard work Dave. I am in a slightly different demographic of people following high fat ketogenic diets. I am 25 and 5′ 9″, 175 pounds just looking to cut down to around 160 and lower body fat from 13% to around 8-10%. I am around 5 weeks in. My employer does blood tests every 6 months and good results equates to cheaper insurance. Right now I am at the top level (tested while on my eat whatever I want diet) so it will be interesting to try and explain a large LDL increase if it… Read more »
Jesse Lamsam
Hi Dave, I want to thank you again for the incredible amount of work you have done and the data you are willing to share. It’s an amazing body of research that will help elucidate the complex interactions of our lipid/energy handling system. I am eager to participate with a 3 day protocol at this time and will be willing to share my data with you as well. I have just been scheduled for a visit with my cardiologist next week (blood work will be drawn Tues a.m.) Although I have been LCHF for about 3.5 yrs and the last… Read more »
Jesse Lamsam

Wonderful to hear, Dave. Thanks again. I’m excited to see how this pans out. I have learned from experience that no matter what, I cannot tell my cardiologist what I’m really doing. I simply tell him it’s a “lifestyle” change that involves adhering to the Mediterranean Diet. 🙂 He always nods approvingly at that and the appointments are much shorter.