Feb 16

Cheap Blood Labs Coming Soon

In the near future, I hope to have a means of ordering cheap, private blood labs through this website for those who live near a Labcorp. Moreover, I want to incentivize everyone to consider sharing their labs back to our data pool anonymously.

Here’s how it would work

  1. We’d have an Order Labs section on this website where you’d add them much like a shopping cart.
  2. If you further agree, we’d give a special discount for additionally answering a few questions along with submission of your labs to the data pool anonymously. These questions would be similar to “what diet do you follow?” and “how long have you been on (specified diet)?”, etc. This anonymous pool of data would be updated in batches and made available to the community at no cost.

Our incentives

  1. Obviously, my greatest incentive to get involved with this is the potential for extraordinary data growth! This could go a long way to helping us get very strong numbers for analysis in the community.
  2. There will be a margin built into the price, even if very small — and this could be beneficial to doctor and/or myself.
    1. This margin is to be first maintained in case of problems or unexpected costs.
    2. The ordering doctor will be obligated to follow up on unusual labs and thus will be compensated out of this margin for time required.
    3. Any remaining margin will go to offsetting the cost of my own labs.
    4. If this margin grows to the point of actually exceeding the costs of (a), (b), and (c) — I’ll disclose that directly in a future post. (But I actually doubt it given how small the margin is and how large my total lab costs are.)

It’s worth emphasizing that the money collected for these labs goes directly to the ordering doctor, not to me or a company entity I’m in any way connected to. So effectively, I’m just letting this site set up the lab options and offer a discount if one agrees to provide more data, then handing it off to the Doctor’s PayPal to fulfill the order.

(Again, I do not accept any money from any business or affiliate of any kind and will let everyone know if that changes.)

Our DISincentives

Let me state plainly that I only want to do this if it doesn’t become a big bandwidth drain. The added data will be great, but if it ultimately results in a lot of admin and footwork time due to how small our margins are, we may have to make adjustments to accommodate. And if that happens and eventually the pricing looks like it will be close to what is offered online, then I’d probably just pass on it altogether. I only want to do this if (1) our labs are substantially cheaper and (2) we get great community data from this. (If I wanted to start another business primarily for money, I’d just do so with my software devs and make far better returns for time spent.)

When is it coming?

Soon! I can make no commitments of timing. I’ll be doing the beta with my Patreon at first, but only after thorough testing will we open the doors here to ensure we can handle the volume!

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Cheryl miller

This sounds interesting Dave!

Linda Hunkele

Definitely interested!

Andrew W Duhaime

I am very interested in this. Started keto 3 months ago and have loved your work I’ve encountered via 2 Keto Dudes! It’d be great to contribute to the community data and get some private labs for myself! How do I subscribe to this so I get any updates you post?

Scott Brennan

Dave, This would be great. I just had a Lipids test at a Labcorp in my town. My total cholesterol and LDL are high. I’m using the Cardiochek and will also use Labcorp again. Thanks for all the great information.


I already order all my labs from walkinlab.com and go to my local Lab Corp. I’d be happy to order tests through your site and share data. Keep up the great work, Dave!

Dar fishel

If i could get cheap labs, i would do them more often. Labs are powerful feedback for me and provide motivation to stay on track with my eating. Wish i could have continuous monitoring of my blood sugar. Feedback rules! I would very happy to journal food and activity levels too along with sharing my labs.


This sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to start!

Christine Kostrubala

I signed up on gravator just so that we can see each other’s profile but I am not able to upload to here. Anyway, do you want NMR or simple lipid reading? Do you also want us to upload data on what we’ve eaten a week prior to the testing? When do we begin? Also, I’ve decided not to work with my current nutritionist who is as helpful as a dust bunny. I am still looking for a cardiologist who is into this study as well.

scott f

will this be available for those of us in nys ?? seems like in nys you cant do these type tests without your docs approval. Would be interested if i could get things just so i dont have to argue or convince hime to let me.

Christine Kostrubala

If you have to work with that doctor who is not as open to finding ways to help you optimize your health, fire him/her. Find someone else who’d be on your corner. My nutritionist told me that she is glad that I stood up to my cardiologist in the well established medical community that I’m not following their order. She says that more people are coming forward. Still, it will be nice just to let the doctor take care of you when you are down. But, no, I cannot afford that.

Jennifer Douglas

I am very interested in doing all sorts of experiments. I believe that I am one of your “hyper-responders” and trying to get as much info for myself as possible. I would love to follow any type of plan to help both your research, as well as myself. I plan to get a real keto base-line at the end of the month just for myself (But I will share if it is helpful). I have cut dairy and plan to test with my usual keto calories and macro ratios for the 3 days prior to the testing (minus the 14-16 hours of fasting) I will mark everything I eat carefully.) After that, sign me up to do anything you need!!! Plus if you can make it cheaper, I will test as often as possible. IF you want to hear my whole cholesterol story, let me know.


I am wondering if you take time and write me your response, in regard to this paper. I appreciate for your taking time to respond to this matter.

Lipoproteins comprise at least 10 different classes in rats, each of which contains a unique set of proteins as the primary component
Tomokazu Konishi , Yoko Takahashi
Published: February 20, 2018https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0192955


Definitely interested. I would support you making some money off the labs, as well. Your work is benefitting us all.

Tim M

Hi Dave. I was lucky enough to find some old blood records and compare to recent. 12 hr fast for each reading. Would appreciate any general comments:
Date Total TTC LDL HDL Trig Rem Chol AIP Age Weight
4/6/1992 153 81 63 43 9 -0.522 18 175
3/15/1995 142 77 56 43 9 -0.471 21 175
9/22/1998 182 115 44 115 23 0.057 25 185
3/10/2000 203 134 58 57 11 -0.37 26 180
8/2/2002 197 132 54 53 11 -0.368 28 175
4/17/2006 183 116 59 42 8 -0.513 32 177
4/24/2012 174 107 59 40 8 -0.531 38 175
6/27/2017 213 134 70 46 9 -0.542 43 170
1/1/2018 223 128 81 70 14 -0.432 44 165


How do I get signed up for this?

Basel Salam

Just what I needed. Dr Ted Naiman recommended I come to your blog, and I’d like to get an NMR test, perhaps periodically, as I make changes to manage my high HDL after being on keto for 6 months and weight loss 🙂
My local LabCorp said they wont do testing without a doc prescription, so instead of using requestatest.com for $99, I’d like to see if your pool will give me a better price with the convenience of our local LabCorp 🙂

Just signed up as a Patreon @ $5 contributor level. Waiting to be part of the Beta 🙂


sounds interesting will be back to see if the status of this idea has moved forward




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Christine Kostrubala

When can we start on this? I’ve become lackadaisical in my lifestyle and I really do need the motivation to get going. The weekly cost of lab test is high that I get depressed thinking about having to spend so much money just to get simple readings. So, I need to know when are we going to get discount so that I can go ahead to get more lab work. Sometimes I wish I have diabete just so that I can have a quick and simple way of testing my blood.


Any new info on cheap labs?