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Jan 19

Remnant Cholesterol – What Every Low Carber Should Know

[UPDATE 1/20/18: the simple form mentioned below has been updated and can be found on the Report Page.] I want to introduce you to something called Remnant Cholesterol. And if you’re on a #LCHF/#Keto diet, this will be especially relevant. It is very simply calculated: you just subtract HDL Cholesterol (HDLc) and LDL Cholesterol (LDLc) …

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Jan 08

New Report Tool in Development

I haven’t had a chance to write about Cholesterol Remnants or Atherogenic Index of Plasma, but I will at a future date. For now, I have a tool I’ve been writing and testing which will report those and other metrics for copy/paste use. You’ll find it on the new Report page. Feel free to test …

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Jan 03

The Capstone Experiment – it’s time to #rethinkLDL

As of today, I’m declaring Phase I and II of my research complete. Phase I spans December 2015 to May 2017 where I was focused primarily on the Inversion Pattern. Phase II spans May 2017 to January 2018 where I was focused on Energy Status. The Capstone Experiment combines both legs of this theory and …

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Dec 28

The Big Reveal is Tomorrow at Noon

Well, here we are. My doctor has the final labs in hand for my longest, most ambitious experiment yet. I’ve instructed him to not reveal it in any way — not even to hint at what it might say. Over the last few months, I’ve told many doctors and researchers of my planned experiment for …

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Dec 26

“We regret to inform you…”

Today is not a good day. I just got a call from the lab to let me know that one of the tests didn’t work out. As she opened with this statement, my mind immediately raced to the one test above all others that I cared about, “please don’t say the NMR, please don’t say …

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