Jul 31

Bananas, San Diego, and Patreon

I’ve got quite a lot in my Inbox now and I’m definitely exploring my limits these days. But to save time on answering many similar questions, I’m going to give a heads up on what’s ahead…

This Week

  • I just completed an experiment where I ate primarily meat for the first three days, then added bananas at various amounts for seven days following. This was a sister experiment to the isocaloric carb swap I did a couple months ago, where I used bread as my primary carb source. My write up on that won’t be for a while due to the other items I have ahead of it below.
  • This Thursday I’ll be giving a presentation at Low Carb USA in San Diego at 6:30 PM (Room TBD). It will include the data from the Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment, including a cool new graph I’ll post here later.

The Patreon Solution?

Following Low Carb USA, I may have to slow down again and do more contract work.

While I’ve been approached on doing sponsorships before, I’ve had to turn them all down. Direct financial compensation from a business entity risks concern it could influence my data — which is a valid critique.

One thing I’ve been pressed on by many is to start a Patreon channel as a means of being funded directly by individuals. I’ve always been a bit reluctant as I genuinely want the helpful materials I make available for anyone to be free.

But recently, I’ve been thrown a few new ideas that are making a lot of sense. For instance, I could vlog the day-to-day “sausage making” of my experiments for interested viewers (and apparently there are many more than I would’ve thought). They would get more of a heads up in how things are going and even a sneak preview to the raw data as it develops — but I’d still write up the refined data and materials for free on the blog as I always have.

Even if it didn’t cover my bills (unlikely), what amount it raised would directly influence how much time I could devote to expanding on the research where I’d otherwise have to earn with contract work instead.

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Dave: Another Craig here. I am a 60 year old electrical engineer who understands control systems. I have studied Ivor’s system diagrams as well as your diagrams. Have to say I love the boat “cartoon” concepts (and I mean that in a good way). I have been so looking forward to Low Carb USA. Being from Denver, I have become a Dr. Gerber patient since March 2017. I have spent hundreds of hours over the past 6 months learning. I am clearly a hyper-responder and a data nerd. I am also “lean” (5′ – 10″ @ 160 lbs; Omron scale… Read more »
Patrick Michell
Hi, Dave. We spoke briefly at SD Low Carb. As I mentioned, I’m trying to schedule in a a baseline lipid panel test on the morning of Day 4. (I’m constrained by scheduling commitments and the need to do my annual physical blood test on Day 7.) For reference, I spoke about paying for a simple Labcorp lipid panel on Day 4. My doctor/insurance HAS scheduled a Quest blood test on “Day 7.” Question. Is dry wine on High Calorie days OK? This is still preliminary. Still mulling it over. I haven’t yet scheduled w/ Request A Test.