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Jun 05

The Big Deal About Lipoprotein(a)

A Mysterious Figure While studying the lipid system in depth, lipoprotein(a) (pronounced lipoprotein little a; also called Lp(a)) was a particle that repeatedly came up in the study material in passing, although at the time I had no idea what it was. It was never something I had seen mentioned in the mainstream information on …

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May 18

Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis (Part 3): What’s Insulin Got to Do With It?

It Began With a Question… In the two previous parts of this series I covered what I had learned about how foam cell and plaque formation occur, and the process and circumstances of LDL modification. Throughout learning and writing about those topics I kept thinking about Ivor Cummins’ presentation, in which he discussed insulin’s role …

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May 11

Top Ten Lipid Related Studies

Note from Dave– For the record, Siobhan reads many more studies than I do — and probably you too. This is why I call her our Senior Researcher here at CC. So I asked if she had to narrow down a “Top 10” list for our readers, and as always, she did not disappoint. Enjoy!   …

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Nov 01

Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis (Part 2): LDL Modification

Recap and Lingering Questions In part one of Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis, I covered the general process of plaque development, from the appearance of endogenous and exogenous pathogens, all the way up to plaque rupture and artery blockage. I studied this to truly examine the mechanisms and development of these fatty streaks and lesions that …

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Aug 24

Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis: Plaque Development

Note from Dave– Rarely have I been so impressed with the aptitude and intelligence of a researcher as I have with Siobhan. Her tenacity and resolve to absorb this subject is nothing short of jaw-dropping and I’m incredibly excited to have her fill in our deep dive on this crucial subject. Enjoy!   In the Beginning… …

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