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Mar 14

Thoughts on Shawn Baker’s Labs

This week, Robb Wolf had Dr. Shawn Baker on his podcast, The Paleo Solution. Baker has been a controversial figure for his embracing a meat-only diet (no plants). Naturally, this has made him a favorite target of vegans, particularly youtubers. What makes him especially interesting is that he’s not just an athlete, but he’s actually setting …

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Mar 06

#LowCarbBreck ’18

This last weekend I got to present at easily one of my favorite conferences to date, Low Carb Breckenridge 2018. Moreover, I had been working extra hard on this particular deck as it was meant to illustrate the energy model of lipids as I see them for a layperson audience. It was also easily the …

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Feb 19

Sugar and Cholesterol Experiment – Findings

Okay, before we get started, you should know I’m not going to have enough time to cover everything that came out of this experiment. Needless to say, there’s lots and lots of interesting stuff in the numbers. But the good news is that I’m making the raw data available to everyone to find these things …

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Feb 16

Cheap Blood Labs Coming Soon

In the near future, I hope to have a means of ordering cheap, private blood labs through this website for those who live near a Labcorp. Moreover, I want to incentivize everyone to consider sharing their labs back to our data pool anonymously. Here’s how it would work We’d have an Order Labs section on …

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Feb 09

Sugar and Cholesterol Experiment – Midmortem

  So I started out this experiment with a different design. But along the way, I made a few different adjustments which I’ll list below and why. Changed baseline food. I wasn’t feeling very well when I started out and this could have been for a number of reasons I detail in the second post …

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