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Nov 06

Basics of Cholesterol on Low Carb – Part I

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and I’ve finally come around to the first installment. This is to be a series of short videos (5-10m) covering topics related to cholesterol and from a very simple, layperson perspective. I’ll have several more to come as shown on the new page I’m adding for …

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Oct 28

The Game of Glucose Part II

A couple months ago I showed how wildly different glucometers could be from each other and how this compared to lab results themselves in The Game of Glucose. At that time I wasn’t frequently taking glucose measurements within minutes of the actual blood draw for my lipid experiments. Fortunately, with my eye on the prize, …

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Oct 23

New Adventures in Carbland – Parts II and III

As mentioned in Part I, I haven’t had the best time with this experiment. However, as I’ve said time and time again – mine is a journey of science, not of advocacy. So you might find it interesting that I’ll have a few more positive things than last time to say from Carbland… even if …

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Oct 17

New Adventures in Carbland

My current series of experiments have me doing a lot of carbs. I was shooting to average around 150-180g a day. But now I’m up to around 280g a day (roughly 8-9x what I was under keto). I’ll have more on that as the results of the experiments role out. (Or — shameless plug — …

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Oct 10

Gold Coast 2017 – Photos from the Road

The decision to head to Low Carb Gold Coast was actually made just a few months ago. My wife was able to score our plane tickets on points and miles while likewise cashing them in for hotel stays through most of the trip. (As an aside, she’s so serious about these kinds of deals that …

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