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Jul 17

Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment – Preliminary Results

While there is still more analysis to collect and unpack, here are the preliminary results from the Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment. Did it meet the hypothesis? You be the judge: I can’t possibly express enough appreciation for PTS Diagnostics, the great 2 Keto Dudes and the truly generous volunteers who took this journey through the experiment …

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Jul 12

Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment – Updates/Progress

This post will be continually amended each day until this coming Monday, July 17th. In the interest of transparency, I’ll be reporting my notes as the experiment progresses. The exception to this rule are any notes that might impact the outcome of the experiment, such as something I report that could influence the participants significantly. …

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Jul 11

Ketofest Cholesterol Experiment – The Hypothesis

As detailed previously, participants of this experiment will consume food in two stages: Low Days – Low calorie consumption or fasting for three days, while still at a low-carb, high-fat ratio (LCFH diet) : July 11th, 12th, and 13th High Days – High calorie consumption for three days, while still at a low-carb, high-fat ratio (LCFH diet) …

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Jul 09

Doubters, Haters, Colleagues, and Friends

One of my favorite quotes of all time happens to be from Mahatma Ghandi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. I’ve certainly felt the first and second of these stages, and I now believe I’m entering into the third. But don’t confuse my motivation from …

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Jul 03

Are you a Lean Mass Hyper-responder?

One of the benefits of establishing this niche in Low Carb Cholesterol Research is that I get people sending me their labs constantly. Naturally, I obsess over possible patterns with hyper-responders.There’s one pattern that is clearly emerging that I’m calling a Lean Mass Hyper-responder. (LMHR) General Hyper-responder vs Lean Mass Hyper-responder I consider a hyper-responder …

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