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Apr 08

Two Years Later…


As of today I will have been on a low carb, ketogenic diet for two years. If you had told me when I started that (A) my cholesterol would skyrocket, (B) I’d become obsessed with researching new patterns around it, and (C) I’d get the data from these patterns by intensive self-experimentation and frequent blood …

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Mar 28

Watch This Video


General topics covered: I explain my cholesterol increased after going low carb and then drove me to learn everything I could about it The lipid system appears to be extremely similar to a software network in many ways I record everything I ingest and take a myriad of blood tests in a series of constant …

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Mar 02

The Big Breck Out


To say Low Carb Breckenridge was an outstanding conference would be an understatement. It was probably the single largest turning point for my message so far. I was invited to speak on Sunday at 2:30pm. Once there, I kept tweaking and updating my presentation throughout the conference. Like every speaker, I was limited to 30 …

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Jan 19

A Simple Guide to Cholesterol on Low Carb – Part II

In A Simple Guide to Cholesterol on Low Carb Part I, I gave a very broad overview of LDL particles and their important cargo along with common misconceptions about this subject within a low carb, high fat diet. Without question, the guide was the most visited post on my blog. And many of my followers have …

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Jan 10

The Marathon Experiment


“Mubberfubber!!!” The word wasn’t well enunciated due to the lancer I was holding between my teeth. It was a very cold, very early morning on a road just outside of Disney World. I was in a sea of fellow runners about to start the first Disney marathon of the year. But what set me apart …

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