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Sep 15

Wow! Thank you for your support!!!

It’s barely been 72 hours since launching my Patreon account and inviting support. Honestly, the response has been very humbling. This was in spite of spending 1/3rd of my video ensuring the most important research and education content will always be available here for free — and that I’d rather people save their money if …

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Sep 12

A Call For Support

Patreon.com/DaveFeldman Hello Everyone– I have a confession to make… I’m really bad about asking for help. I’ll soon be hitting two years since this entire thing began, and I’ve financed it almost entirely from my savings. Make no mistake, I never thought of this as a money-making venture – I already had a lifetime of …

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Sep 12


Please consider supporting my Patreon. All funding for my research and this site come solely from individuals like you. Thank you! If you know little to nothing about cholesterol, you can check out my Simple Guide to Cholesterol series. It’s full of illustrations and is written for laypeople. Enjoy! There’s also a video I did on …

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Sep 11

Ketofest 2017 Presentation

This has turned out to be one of my favorites thus far. Just two quick notes: I was karate chopping throughout as a way to visually have them advance slides as the clicker wasn’t working well that day. If you’re already familiar with the boilerplate beginning that I usually have, you can skip ahead to …

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Sep 09

Energy Status Experiment

Back in May, I wrote on my isocaloric carb swap experiment where I had 3,000 calories/day of keto shakes for five days, then “swapped” out 500 calories of the shakes for 500 calories of bread for the following five days. The first five days I averaged 30g of carbs, but the second five days I …

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