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  5. The Game of Glucose Part II — October 28, 2017

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Nov 16

The Half Marathon Experiment

Back in January, I did The Marathon Experiment, where I took both glucose and ketone measurements at every five kilometers. It went a bit off the rails toward the end, but you can read about that in the post. Last weekend, I did a variation of this experiment while performing a half marathon. This time …

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Nov 10

Carotid Artery Update

In case you were keeping track, I’ve been getting a CIMT twice a year since starting in ’16. I just got my fourth one yesterday and was certainly curious to see what would come back. Early on in my cholesterol education I came across an article by Rakesh C. Patel, Does LDL-P Matter?. He had …

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Nov 09

Mea Culpa

I’ve spent most of my life identifying as an engineer and only recently would I say I identify more as a scientist. But while I find there’s enormous overlap with the two fields, I’ll concede I get especially annoyed with the area of nutrition science in particular. While frustrated yesterday, I tweeted the following: Excuse …

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Nov 06

Basics of Cholesterol on Low Carb – Part I

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and I’ve finally come around to the first installment. This is to be a series of short videos (5-10m) covering topics related to cholesterol and from a very simple, layperson perspective. I’ll have several more to come as shown on the new page I’m adding for …

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Oct 28

The Game of Glucose Part II

A couple months ago I showed how wildly different glucometers could be from each other and how this compared to lab results themselves in The Game of Glucose. At that time I wasn’t frequently taking glucose measurements within minutes of the actual blood draw for my lipid experiments. Fortunately, with my eye on the prize, …

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