Monthly Archive: May 2017

May 29

We Now Pause for this Commercial Break

Well, I knew this would happen at some point. I’ve gotten through the last year and a half of research through funding from one primary provider: me. There’s a long story I may post on later as to how I had the savings to spend and why I did it. (In fact, it’s a pretty …

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May 22


If you know little to nothing about cholesterol, you can check out my Simple Guide to Cholesterol series. It’s full of illustrations and is written for laypeople. Enjoy! There’s also a video I did on Adapt Live where I go through the basics of the lipid system as well. If you’re wanting a video version …

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May 11

Cholesterol Research Breakthrough

A few important caveats before getting started: This is very preliminary. While it’s true I’ve both produced and reproduced these results, it’s still very early to draw significant conclusions, which I detail further below. This does not constitute medical advice. I realize many may read this and act on it, but I urge you to consult with …

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