Monthly Archive: August 2016

Aug 08

Cholesterol Code – Part V : More Fat, Less Cholesterol… to The Second Power

Light Diet Day

For the short version with pictures, see below. For the long version, read on after… The Plan A couple months ago I started talking to my sister about taking my data to the next level. But to do so, I’d need someone else’s help — to which she immediately volunteered. (Side note: my sister is …

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Aug 01

Cholesterol Code – Part IV : Still Correlating… in the reverse

Three Day Average of Dietary Fat in the three days before blood draw vs LDL-C of the resulting test

I just attended Low Carb USA at San Diego where I shared much of the data below. And while I was interested in a possible divergence that seemed to appear at the end of May in Part III, it turned out to be more of a one-off, probably due to a higher percentage of protein …

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